Enjoy a holiday or a weekend on Hukvaldy


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Village Hukvaldy is the perfect place to spend your free days more pleasant, whether you are interested in the history, nature, art or sport. Come, therefore, to take a holiday in the beautiful surroundings in the Beskydy mountains, in the vicinity of the Ondřejnice river, at the foot of Palkovické Hůrky, with the dominating Castle Hukvaldy and the birthplace of the world-famous composer Leoš Janáček.

To allow ample time to explore the attractions of Hukvaldy and the surrounding villages, we offer you excellent accommodation in a family house, where everything is taken care of for your pleasant and undisturbed stay. Family house Hukvaldy 141 is located directly below the Hukvaldy Hill in the local part Hukvaldy Dolní Sklenov.

See the map: Hukvaldy 141, Czech republic

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