Leoš Janáček Memorial

Visit at Hukvaldy also  Leos Janacek Memorial . They are Hukvaldy, where Leoš Janáček drew motives for his musical creation and also for his columns.  Here you He wrote

strain and folk songs. The regional atmosphere was captured in choral compositions inspired by poems composed by Petr Bezruč.

In 1905, the brother of Leoš Janáček bought the House No. 79 on Hukvaldy in Podoboří, which became their property in this way. The brother lived most of the time in St. Petersburg and so after his death (1908) the house later eventually bought from his sister-in-law in 1921, Leoš Janáček himself as his resting seat.  Since 1994 is the property of the foundation of Leoš Janáček, which took care of its general overhaul. In 2006, the monument was declared a cultural monument as a basic preserved monument to the world-renowned composer in his native village. Visitors will find the original interior of the Janáček study and bedroom and an educational exposition about the composer's relationship with the native region.

The walk measures about 1.4 km from the accommodation and can be done in about 20 minutes by foot.

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