Leoš Janáček nature trail through the eyes of children

After the nature trail "Leoš Janáček through the eyes of children"

The trail is long 8.2 km and runs mainly after the communal land. Has thirteen stops with information boards and two acoustic interactive game elements. On each Board are the so-called QR codes, which can be downloaded to smart phones. The trail has several recreational sites, equipped with wooden benches and bike racks. Information to the nature trail can be found on the website:www.stezkyhukvaldy.cz

And where the route goes?


 Check the location where the trail leads.

• From the information centre at Hukvaldy (former school) we go after the tourist trail local marking (yellowish-white square) around the Church of St. Maximilian, where is located the restored seating area. Here Mr. Leoš Janáček met with his friends in the “Ring under the Acacias”.

Lavička Pod Akáty

The bench "Pod akáty"

•  Continue to the town square of Hukvaldy along the way to the cemetery, where's the next stop. Here, in the cemetery, you can visit the tomb of the Leoš Janáček parents.

Hrob rodičů L. Janáčka

The grave of Mr. Janáček parents at the Hukvaldy

•  Along the way we'll get further to the intersection with pond – turn left and walk through the Horní Sklenov. After about 200 metres, we turned to the right and after another 50 meters turn left and we get on a dirt path, that will bring us to the small bell tower. The dirt trail leads us further to hunter position, where we sharply give the right and after about 300 meters, we come to a stop with the name of “Korýtka”. We can relax here on the bench, refresh with fresh spring water and, where you can optionally to play the xylophone tuned at “C” key.

Korýtka 1  Korýtka 2


•  Rested and relaxed we head along the path around the small water treatment plants, turn right on the dirt road and ascend to the Peaks (424 m) with name “Vrchy”. From the peak is open up beautiful views to the far and near surroundings. If is good visibility we can see the mountain:  “Lysá Hora”, “Javornik”, Spa Klímkovice, “Bílá Hora” point, the airport Mosnov a “Oderské Vrchy”.  To the good orientation can help to us panels with photo maps and descriptions of the peaks. Also we can ring the bell of small bell tower, which was built by Hukvaldy tourists in year 2011.


"Fojtovy vrchy"

• We are go ahead by travers after meadow path down the hill, and after about 300 meters, we turned up to the right. We are heading through a small bridge (over the former mill drive) to the local brewery “Hostinec na zastávce “. Here you can taste the local beer “Hukvaldské pivo”.


From the brewery continue across the road to the next stop, to the statue of St. Nepomuk at the bridge on the river “Ondřejnice”. After the newly built road, designed for pedestrians and cyclists, going up against the stream of the river, past the weir with and relaxing place up to the next stop “Lipi”. We cross the Ondřejnice River by bridge, and continue at the other side, after the paved road, till we come to the next point of relaxing at the weir, called “Hukvaldský Stonehenge”. Loosely laid stones have their symbolism, associated with the compose of Leoš Janáček. Here you can find a second acoustic an interactive element, the so-called dendrafon. It is composed of nine different tree species, each of the stick emits a different sound.

Hukvaldský Stonehange

"Hukvaldský Stonehenge"

•  We are leaving this place, and after 200 meters we find ourselves at the next stop, in the area of former the swimming pool, now still called “Koupaliště” (swimming pool). Here we can refresh oneself at the beautiful tavern.

hospoda na koupališti

"Hospůdka na koupališti" (Tovern on the swimming pool)

•  After the steep stairs (about 60 steps) heading to the holiday cottages place, piece of the route we are going after the asphalt surface and at his end, along ski lift, we turn sharply to the right and climb to the hill.

After 300 meters, we follow the forest path that will take us to the next stop, called “Janáčkova lavička” ( Janacek bench). This place is the highest point on the route of the heritage trails (cca 455 m.o.s.). We can rest here after the climb.

Janáčkova lavička

"Janáčkova lavička" (Janacek bench)

After resting we head to crossroads of tourist brands. Here we get down the Hill, and after 50 metres, continue the left direction of the traverse’s forest path over the “Podlesí”. Follow the road to the left, by forest track on the way to holiday cottages on “Podlesí”, to the next stop dedicated to the next famous natives of the Hukvaldy, the academic painters J.V. Sladek , who stayed here and painted.

•  After the asphalt road head to the bridge over the Ondřejnice river.  We cross the main road and after part of village called “Velká strana” (the big side), we come to the Memorial of Leoš Janáček (Leoš Janáček house). This is the last stop of our traveling.

Zastavení Janáčkům dům

Janáček's native house

From there, we have only about 300 metres climb to the Hukvaldy information centre, where the trail ends.

And maybe one important thing. Bellow you can find code tables for decoding quizzes at the information’s tables:

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