Janáček's Bench

Enjoy the unique place where Leoš Janáček composed his compositions.

Hukvaldy represented for Leoš Janáček a big inspiration for his songs. It was a reason, why he often returned at this place. In 1925 and 1926 he purchased in the area that says “Babí hora” part of the forest and entrusted to the care of gamekeeper Vincent Sládek. He in return beyond this to build a bench for him. Now is known as “Janáčkova lavička”.  Here Janáček could quietly compose his songs and listen, forest silence. In 1994, the site around the benches was redesigned here was built the wall and placed a memorial plaque with the same the text which is on the Board located on the Janáček's House.

It is a pleasant and beautiful walk through the forest. Sit on the bench, where a world-famous composer would sit and meditate..

Length of the route from the place of accommodation: 2,3 km

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